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01What should I do when my Light Gun does not shoot?

Check that:
> Your RGT Camera is correctly connected to your console and the Green light is ON.

> Your light gun is switched ON; the light gun’s Red power light should be ON.

> Your light gun is not in sleep mode. Wake by pressing A, B or C button.

> Your light gun is not out of the cameras field of view. If it is, the camera’s Red light will be ON.

> Your light gun has already been calibrated; the Yellow calibration lights should be OFF.

> Your light gun is aiming directly at your TV screen. It will not shoot if pointed elsewhere.

> Your shooting game has been inserted and loaded into your console.

If it still does not shoot:
> Your shooting positions may be out of the 5-9 foot range.

> Your light gun was temporarily out of the camera’s field of view as you pulled the trigger.

> Your light gun’s batteries may be low.